About Jara

Hey, There!  I’m Jara …

I’m an ambitious and powerful woman and mother, who likes taking action and pouring my energy into matters of my heart and achieving my goals.

I love travelling and have seen many places and countries. Some years I spent in South Africa where my son (5) was born, currently we live in Germany.

I’m excited about discovering and understanding, and passionate about finding and growing.

Life gave me lots of challenges to face and overcome my own pain and fear, as well as opportunities to experience joy and freedom.

My Mission

” It’s my mission to help ambitious, motivated, passionate … women to rapidly move past limitations, doubts or hopelessness so that they are free to step out of the rut and into the life they deserve, able to live and express themselves freely.

I was searching for purpose,

I have studied and learned a lot about the subconscious mind and hypnosis, spirituality and psychology, but still i felt like

the centrepiece was missing.

In one of my most challenging times Marisa Peer and her teachings got given to me.

I knew straight away and felt it deeply in my heart “this is it”!


RTT™ has changed my life,

I have worked on my own limiting beliefs, released negative loads from my past and overcome fears.

As a trained hypnotist and Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Practitioner I love guiding people to free themselves from limitations and blockages, helping them to see and experience that profound transformation is possible.

I’m hugely grateful for having a business and a career I can pour my heart into, share my knowledge and passion.

By helping others to transform their life I change my own life too.

Change is always possible, I don’t promise, but I’ve seen it over and over again and have been experiencing it myself.

It gives me great pleasure to see people empowered and excited, ready to level up their life.

I believe that each one of us is part of a greater plan and has a unique path.

Through experiences in our life, we have forgotten how powerful and important, how very worthy and enough each one of us is.

I believe that every person has all the wisdom and possibilities inside of her/himself, at times we just need someone to remind us, guide us with the suitable tools to access and uncover our greatness and wholeness again.

Once we understand what is in our power,

our thoughts and emotions, how we react and respond…

and what is out of our control, others and their behaviour, world events…

we can focus our attention consciously and thereby shift our reality.

Now that you are ready, I am here to help!


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