Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner
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Rapid transformation from the inside out …

Are you like me?

You know that you are much more than your current situation?

You are dreaming of a life that you know you deserve beyond what you have right now?

You feel a deep calling for a true change from the inside out?

You want to boost your self esteem, feel worthy and lovable?

Hi, my name is Jara ...

… a trained hypnotist and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner™. I’m here to guide you through your own rapid transformation so that you can create lasting change in your life.

I help ambitious, motivated, passionate women, just like you to discover what’s  holding you back from living and expressing your true self, guiding you to free yourself, moving past your limitations, experience rapid transformation, without countless therapy sessions, hopelessness and doubt.

You will be able to step out of the rut into the life you know you deserve, able to express and live who you came here to be and create your desired life from the inside out.

It’s my mission to help women overcome their

limitations, fears and self doubt so they can feel worthy, confident and enough

to express and live who they came here to be and realise their desired life from the inside out.

My own search in my life for purpose and meaning led me to RTT™.

Finally I found a method that has been helping me to truly uncover the root causes of my own issues, overcome fears and negativity and achieve permanent results.

In this way it’s not obtainable with conventional methods or counselling


What They Say

A. B.

My RTT Session with Jara was indeed powerful.

I had personally experienced a significant transformation, especially a few days after the session.

My overall state improved a lot since I feel more confident and not anxious at all.

Being absolutely calm and at piece,  feels amazing

and gives me clarity on making the right decisions in my life.

I am thankful to Jara and totally recommend her services to those

who want to overcome their limiting beliefs for good.

Jara is very professional and knowledgeable, she would help you to regain your power within yourself.



Before the session i was feeling anxious and having feelings of self doubt which were exacerbated by stress from work.

Since my session with Jara I’ve regained my sense of confidence. I’m able to compartmentalize my issues and overcome them with powerful self talk that have been ingrained in my mind since my session. It’s been easier to combat self demeaning thoughts that would typically consume me and take over my day. Now those thoughts don’t bother me and do not have any control over me.

I would definitely recommend Jara Geipel to anyone that is having issues with self doubt, anxiety or self love Jara was very thorough in her process. She made it very easy to relax and made me feel comfortable. She was able to identify the root cause of my issues and helped me understand how to overcome them. Jara has a innate ability to connect which i think set the tone for my powerful healing session. Thank you so much Jara!


Before the session I had a strong belief that was holding me back to truly do and be who I wanted to be.

I was delighted at how easily we can change our Beliefs which in turn changes our thinking and action.

Today I am back to myself and feeling great. My existing thinking and behaviour pattern have completely changed.

Jara is a Natural Therapist with an abundance of skills. She had successfully helped me treat my imprint that I had from my childhood that was creating a big obstacle in my current life in one single session.

Jara has helped me break free from those limited beliefs by changing the thinking and behaviour at the subconscious level with the power of therapy.

I listened to your mp3 you sent me, and wow!!

Your voice is so soothing, calm, safe, as soon as I started listening, I felt very relaxed!

Now that you are ready, I am here to help!


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